EXCOMMUNICATED:  11 Steps to Church Revitalization
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Publisher:The Baptist Courier
Publication date:09/20/2016

More than forty years ago, Danny Burnley was formally disassociated — excommunicated — from his home church. His “crime”? As a young deacon, he went to the pastor and asked him to prayerfully consider holding a reconciliation service to help heal the ongoing friction that existed between the pastor and the deacons.
Dismissal from his church’s fellowship was “the worst thing and the best thing” that had ever happened to him. It was the worst thing because it was like a divorce that tore apart a family, but it was the best thing because it ignited in Burnley a God-given desire to help struggling churches, which he has been busy doing for the last four decades.
In Excommunicated: 11 Steps to Church Revitalization, Burnley offers the lessons he has learned in helping churches battle against ineffectiveness. Through his ministry, he has helped bring churches back from the brink of closure.
Spiritual Strokes

Heeding the Warning Signs from the Great Physician
By Danny Burnley
Genres: Christian Living, Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 978-1-940645-25-4
Publisher:The Baptist Courier
Just as there are warning signs of a physical stroke that has the potential to devastate the human body, there are also indicators that can predict a spiritual stroke, which can lead to a sudden and catastrophic breakdown of a believer’s relationship with God. If unchecked, a spiritual stroke can also be debilitating for the local Body of Christ, the church.

But even as physical strokes can be prevented, so can spiritual strokes, says author Danny Burnley, a pastor with a proven record of helping struggling churches come back from the brink of shutdown. If the Great Physician is allowed to regain control of the Body, he says, then vitality can return.

In Spiritual Strokes, Burnley offers a biblically sound prescription for Christians who would avoid spiritual apoplexy and who “truly desire to see God show up and begin to move within their midst.”

Harold F. Hunter, president of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, says Burnley’s book “has been forged in the fire of actual experiences and not by a church growth specialist who has never fought in the trenches.”

Burnley’s book will help “both churches and individuals to do a spiritual self-evaluation, which will lead to personal transformation by the power of God,” said Wayne Dickard, former president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.
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